IMEX designs and manufactures printer toner for laser cartridge remanufacturers.

This allows for the reuse of large volumes of non-recyclable plastic. IMEX toner is sold both directly to the aftermarket and through distributors.

IMEX is a venture business based on research and development. It all starts with a dedicated R&D team located in Okayama, Japan. Every time we pursue a progressive, innovative technical opportunity, IMEX works hard to establish a unique technology to enhance the production in an ecologically sound manner. Automated production process and stable toner quality help ensure a quality finished product for cartridge remanufacturers around the world.

With over 35 years of experience, IMEX has earned a strong reputation for superior technical abilities in the market. IMEX will continue to earn the respect of our customers with high-quality products as the needs of the market evolve.

A Global business

IMEX has state-of- the-art production facilities located in Japan and the United States, and a comprehensive distribution network conveniently located in the United States,  Japan, and Europe to serve markets globally. IMEX is committed to just-in-time delivery service around the world.

IMEX Technology

IMEX’s toner development philosophy is to focus on toner for used cartridges so that they are not wasted in local landfills. We seek to adjust the properties of the toner so that it works well with a variety of used components, helping to save our customers money. IMEX is not tied to any one parts manufacturer, and our flexible toners work well with many brands of new components as well.

Our ability to meet or even exceed the performance of the original toner at a cost savings to the end user, has kept IMEX equipment very busy. IMEX methods of mix and pulverize production allows substantial control during the production process so that one lot of toner can be produced to the same specifications as the previous lot. This consistency is what quality-oriented remanufacturing companies are demanding, and it is what IMEX will continue to deliver.

Our proprietary surface treatment technology allows us to make rough toner round. This shape promotes better fusing and electro-charging properties of each particle of toner.

Particle before surface treatment
Color x 10,000 after surface treatment
Color x1000